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Artist Statement

Most of my jewelry art’s focus is gemstones in their found, unadulterated state; I’ve been in love with them my whole life. There are of course faceted stones and other polished stones present (because why limit my palette?), but it’s the crystals that originally drove me to begin making them wearable. Finding these amazing jewels amongst the peoples of the world is half the work, and fun too; and in making jewelry of them I get to share with others whom appreciate their nature which is also fun.

Nowadays I’d like it if my settings resembled water flowing over stones, or wisps of smoke swirling around them. I’ve heard Goya said regarding El Greco’s [seemingly paintless] renderings, incredulously, “but there’s nothing there”, I’d be thrilled if my work sometimes inspired a similar response. Picasso famously said “good artist’s borrow, great artist’s steal”, and while I can’t call it stolen, I definitely seek to play up and stay out of the way of this amazing art of Nature. How could an artist of any greatness create such charming jewels alone?

So essentially my art in this is finding and showing up this found in Earth art. Like seeking melody and rhythm in complimentary balance, playing with and not overpowering one another, in the creation and execution of these works I enjoy the challenge of designing and developing better compositions and techniques to highlight my materials’ natural beauty.

Allen Behling 2010